Can't Forget

by Feed Them To The Forest

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released May 7, 2018

All music and lyrics by Feed Them To The Forest
Produced and mixed by Dave Boothroyd at Reel Recording Studio
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music


all rights reserved



Feed Them To The Forest York, UK

Five piece rock band from the north of England

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Track Name: Lie With The Dogs
“I scream sweet little stories,
The times and the places, but you won’t believe them
Even I don’t believe them.
I once said that ‘home’s where the heart is’ but I’m starting to feel different,
And I can’t live with that.

You’ll forget what you just heard and I’ll get what I deserve,
Karma makes me pay the price for every single word.
Can’t forget what I heard and that’s just what I deserve,
I’ll be your diamond ring in the end,
Wrapped around your finger, perpetually best friends.

We made a pact, but you let it burn
‘Cuz I never change and you never learn,
It ain’t the right time.
It’s never the right time to give you my best lines,
But my heart can only listen, while my body makes decisions.

You know my mind is yours tonight.

Is this room I’ve built enough to save me from myself?”
Track Name: Golden Age Thinking
If I was the chosen one, I’d never give answers
That way I never could be wrong.
I’ll deny the lies I’ve been surviving on
And you can rely on my charm to keep you warm
But only for seconds
Only for mere minutes, ‘til we can find something new to believe in
I’m not the one to save us.

Open those broken lungs and watch hope start to fade
I’ll save my smiles for the funerals of friends I’ve not yet made
From the bottom of the barrel, to the bottles of my shelf
Give me a glass half full, I’ll do the rest myself

So come to me like you’re looking for answers
But just because it needs to be said, it don’t mean it needs to be heard
I’ll take that weight from your shoulders
And maybe then, when we’re older,
My twisted spine and your shallow eyes, they’ll redefine where we crossed the line

Here’s a subtitle for the hard of thinking
We’ll cut the air while you strain to keep breathing.
Track Name: Apology Is Policy
How am I still breathing now that there is no beating inside of my chest?
I’m so tired of sleeping like a baby, waking every hour
And I’m screaming

I’ve seen more joy in the eyes of the hopeless
Cuz the lies you told us were never enough to cauterize these wounds
If you’re scared of nothing, you’ve never had to choose

So beat your chest, so we all know that you exist
Those who laugh the loudest make me the most sick
I get by on sympathetic eyes
A concubine you’ll never find
That same old safehouse that I built on lies.

The reasons are riddles
Designed for older ears than this

You can curse the daybreak
And you can hate these streets ‘cuz they’re so cold
They’re so dark
They’re so cold
Track Name: Speculative Grief
I’ve spent some time the wrong side of the river
On a night you said I won’t forget
But I don’t recall a thing.
If the doorman’s got the powder, we swear our night is saved
But all the lost souls, with street lamp lit faces,
No, they don’t move the same
And I don’t dream the same

There’s no glamour in the desolate
There’s no fight left in the desperate
And no-one should ever feel this way again.
Those sighs are stacked with basement lies, while I pray to God’s that I’ve denied
And I keep my eyes clenched tight

Spinning ‘Grace’ like your grief sells tickets
I twist in strobe lights but my heart’s still a cynic
Cuz no-one’s getting out alive
All we needed, was to hear ‘You’re good enough’
No-one asked you to save us

So take the time to talk about the worst of what I’ve done
We’ll take the time to realise, there’s no-one come back to save us
Track Name: We Used To Make Mixtapes
Turn to me and swear that we can still be friends
You can take the whole night, I’ve got time on my hands

My god complex, it don’t make me a saviour
It’s just a delusion, they’ll say until they need you
But there will come a time where the only thing worth dying for is the only thing thats keeping you alive

Hope is a hand grenade
And the tighter than we hold on, the more we fade away
The more we feel the pain

My eyes are matchstick wide
Across my face I’ll paint a razor blade smile
Cutting through this may take a while, litter shrouds the gravestones in the corners of mind

You can turn to me and swear that we can still be friends,
Take the whole night
I’ve got blood on my hands, so swear it is the last time.

How dare you say that this gets any easier?
They that what you need you’ll never get
But I’m not sure what it is that I need.
They say you can’t forget what you believe
But I’m not sure what it is that I believe.

Why waste my time?
If we are who we are, then I’ll never get this right
If now’s the time for your advice
You never got that right.

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